Bibi’s in Dublin 8  has been around for years and is right on my regular route but I only recently discovered it. If only I had known sooner! I have not been so excited by a meal in a long time.

It is a neighbourhood café where you walk in and feel relaxed, as if you’re going to the home of a very lovely friend who is going to cook you a meal. I love its simplicity –    white walls, black table tops and sleek grey plates and cups.  There is lots of natural light, mirrors and simple paintings. The walls are lined with cookbook filled bookshelves. Part of the kitchen is in the dining area. I’ve always liked this as I feel it gives a place a very laid-back atmosphere. Something about the lack of divisions between staff and diners.

As for the food. I’ve never felt this way about a couple of poached eggs!  I ordered squash eggs which came with rich, creamy, garlic yoghurt, roasted squash, and chili oil. They had been Jackson Pollocked with fresh herbs and chili. I also got a side of sourdough toast and butter that had been nicely shaped and placed in a cute dish. I love that attention to detail. img_3882

My friend Genevieve ordered the chorizo and manchego toasted sandwich and she was very satisfied with her choice. A simple dish, well prepared with high-quality ingredients.


Then we both got coffees and shared a zingy lemon square.


I am so glad I found this place.  Will be back very soon hungry for more.

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