Day 9 – Slow Food Snails

Today was a good day! The kitchen was calmer and I felt happier and more productive.  I made chocolate chip and walnut scones, quesadillas with wild garlic pesto, and chocolate pudding. We spend the mornings cooking, and then eat what we’ve made for lunch. It seemed everyone was having a better day today so for lunch I had a delicious plate of food made by my classmates.

In the evening I went to a talk given by Brian McDaid of the Irish Snail Farm. Darina Allen is the leader of Slow Food in Ireland which aims to promote healthy food and lifestyle, and often invites producers and activists to talk. I’m not that into snails but it’s always interesting to listen to people’s life stories. Brian got into snail farming as a way to spend more time outside, and he enjoys the slow, relaxing pace of snails. The chefs pan fried a few for us to try. They had a great flavour thanks to the rich, buttery sauce but the texture is a no for me. Sorry Brian.

I learned : It pays to be an adventurous eater. Once Darina ordered chicken feet in a Chinese restaurant and they gave her the meal for free because she was the first Western customer to do so.

Snail serum has anti-aging properties. Women in ancient Rome used to lie down and let snails crawl all over their faces. Nivea currently pay 1250 per litre for snail serum!

All snails are hermaphrodites!

Food of the Day : Cabbage salad with raisins and mint. Move over coleslaw.

Line of the Day : From Darina. ‘More hurry, less speed.’ Yes!