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Day 26 – Hatching

Today was productive. I made ginger bread and a plate of shellfish with fresh mayonnaise. In doing this I covered many techniques. Students have a technique list that needs to be finished by the end of the course. Some are covered by cooking the recipes assigned to you, others you need to make time for. Many are things you probably already know,  but teachers need to see you can do them the right way. This morning I poached and scrambled eggs, made mayonnaise, cooked shellfish, shucked an oyster and lined a cake tin. Boxes ticked = satisfaction.

The other egg news is that baby chicks were born in the office this morning. I took a break from cooking to watch the miracle of life.

I learned : Allspice was once as expensive as gold for its flavour and preservative qualities.

Food of the day : Parmesan and gruyere cheese soufflé. Hot and cheesy.

Line of the day : From Rory. ‘Don’t be a hero unless you know how to be a hero.’ He was talking about using a food processor instead of a knife but I think this can be applied elsewhere.