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Day 40 – Dark Caramel


Today I made : Two loaves of bread. One brown yeast, the other white soda.


I finished the creme brûlée I started on Wednesday. The teachers say the most important thing when making caramel is to hold your nerve. You want to burn it enough to make that amount of sugar palatable. I held my nerve for too long and ended up with a creme tres brûlée. One day I will be a confident caramel maker. For now, I will continue to stand staring at my pot while the bubbles very slowly change colour.

I made frozen yoghurt with green gooseberry and elderflower compote and dark caramel sauce. You can’t tell from the picture, but this is DELICIOUS.


Thai chicken, coconut and galangal soup with rice noodles. Also bland looking in the picture but a very bright and zingy soup.


I filleted a plaice and deep fried it, for practice. You can recognise plaice because they have cute orange polka dots.


I learned : The EU has recently ruled that you cannot call anything milk that doesn’t come from a mammal. Bye bye almond milk.

Pomegranate juice is a natural cholesterol buster

Food of the day : Tamarind and banana raita with lamb curry. As Rory would describe it, punchy.

Line of the day : I was topping and tailing gooseberries during the demo so didn’t take notes and can’t remember any lines. Next time.