Ballymaloe Bread

Day 41 – Happy Hour

Today I made : White yeast bread. You have to make most things on the technique list three times. I had only done this once so wanted to tick the box again. I made a plait and dinner rolls, so I also got the ‘shaping dough’ box ticked. DSCF7531.JPG

Lemon balm and lemon verbena sorbet. The recipe says ‘it just flits across the tongue and scarcely needs to be swallowed.’  They’re not wrong! Ballymaloe House serve this as a starter but I think it’s a nice, light summer dessert.


Poached pears in saffron syrup. This recipe was simple but elegant. It reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons when Yoko Ono visits Moe’s tavern and orders ‘a single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat.’



Finally I made two jars of gooseberry and  elderflower jam. When they were done I put them on a shelf and forgot to take a picture. Use your imagination.

In the evening we had a special demo from Alicia Stark, my very entertaining and talented classmate. Alicia is a bartender/actress/chef and taught us a few things about cocktails. She says James Bond is a p**** for ordering his martini shaken not stirred, because it weakens the potency. She even crafted her own cocktail, the rhubarby  Ballymaloe Blaster.


I learned : Tiramisu was created in Venice.

Most walnuts you buy are actually rancid, so it’s better to buy them in the shell and crack them yourself. It is a lot of effort though.

Food of the day : Cannelloni with chicken and pork.

Line of the day : ‘I know there’s a thing about serving garlic bread with lasagne. I mean, honest to God.’ I feel you Rory.