Day 50 – Rib Rolling

Today I made : Tuna Steak with pipperonata and Kalamata olive tapenade. I am not usually a big fan of peppers but pipperonata – pepper, tomato and basil stew – is okay with me. I had concerns about cooking tuna because I have read so much about it being endangered but I was assured this was an ethical meal. If you want to make a fish steak with something else you could use mackerel.


Puff pastry dough, which I will make something with on Monday. You need to ‘rib roll’ puff pastry to avoid tearing. Sounds like a dance move!

I baked my brioche. I like brioche, but I don’t love it. Croissants are my baked good of choice. However, I took some home and turned it into French toast for a lazy weekend breakfast which was really very good.

10 DAYS LEFT! Then back to the real world. Historically this has not been my favourite place, but I’ll give it another chance.

I learned : Pommes Dauphine (potatoes and choux pastry) were first made for the Dauphine, wife to the heir of the French throne.

Food of the day : Gâteau Pithivier. An almond, puff pastry tart.

Line of the day : NEVER put powdered sugar on a dessert. It’s so declassé.’ A controversial opinion from a friend of Darina’s. I see what she means but her stance is extreme for me.