Ballymaloe Bread

Day 56 – Corn on the Cob

Today was our last day of regular cooking. This Thursday I have my practical exam where I have to make a three course meal and one bread. Besides that and maybe a few more loaves of bread I am done in the kitchens here! Just when I was getting the hang of it.

I made : Cappuccino Ice Cream, sandwiched between cardamom shortbread cookies. If I repeat this (I will) I will make a chunkier, chewier cookie. The flavour was nice but the shortbread was too delicate and crumbly to properly hold the ice cream. My teacher Tiffin liked the little envelope I made.

Asian Ceviche. I filleted a plaice and ‘cooked’ it in fish sauce, lime juice and coconut milk. The perfect summer starter. Tiffin did not care for my presentation of this dish. In hindsight, he’s right. It looks like a shamrock.


Finally, a loaf of sourdough. I shaped it in a long banneton for easier slicing.


In the afternoon demo Rachel covered student requests. I was very happy to see mine (bagels) on the list. Other recipes covered include chelsea buns, doughnuts, salt baked fish, ramen, gnudi and tripe and trotters. We couldn’t figure out who requested that last one. Rachel is a very skilful butcher, baker and teacher. Her demos have been a highlight of Ballymaloe for me.

I learned : Exam facts :

There are fourteen recognised food allergens.

If there is a kitchen fire the most dangerous extinguisher you can use is water.

Blueberries come into season in August.

Oysters are only good in months with the letter ‘R.’ i.e. September – April.

Food of the day : Corn on the Cob. The seeds we planted on our first day were ready for picking this morning. Full circle! I cooked mine and slathered it with butter for dinner.



Line of the day : ‘If you haven’t tried tripe, you have to today.’ From Rachel. Another highlight of Ballymaloe has been broadening of the palate. I still don’t like tripe but I like lots of foods I didn’t before : blue cheese, mackerel…