Hi there. 

I’m Órfhlaith, a chef and recipe developer, from Dublin and based in London.

I’m passionate about all things food. I’ve worked as a sourdough baker, short order cook, private chef, head chef, development chef, food stylist and recipe developer. I’m also a qualified nutrition coach because I believe in the power of food to make us feel good. (Cookies are a big part of this).

My career highlight so far has been cooking for Rick Astley on our joint birthday.

My favourite food is a six minute Burford brown boiled egg with buttered sourdough and Maldon salt.

I can’t stand it when people prioritise technique and presentation over flavour. And I love it when people make something seemingly average taste amazing. (Like a soft boiled egg on toast).

Would you like to work with me? Have me cook for you? Feel free to get in touch over here.