Before Christmas I completed a second month long stage in another of Lima’s finest, Mó. I cannot overemphasise how valuable my experience in Siete was. It opened my eyes to Peruvian food, showed me I can survive in a Spanish speaking kitchen and exemplified the value of structure. But once I ate in Mó I

Where To Eat In Cusco

I didn’t spend as much time in Cuzco as in Lima but I had some fabulous food. Highlights include : Chicha Another Gaston Acurio offering. One side of the menu provides Cuzqueñan-ish crowd pleasers – pizza, pasta, burgers – and the other is devoted to full on Cuzqueñan cuisine. I was really tempted by the

Where To Eat In Lima

Two months of eating and drinking my way across Lima. These are the places that stand out. LA PANETTERIA My love for La Panetteria grows deeper and deeper. A place for a casual bite to eat where you know it’s gonna be good. I’ve eaten nearly the entire menu, and not one thing has

Peru Take 2

One month into Lima, one month into my stage in Siete. I had initially agreed to stay for a month but I felt like I was just getting started so I spoke to the chefs and now will be staying another month. In life, when eating, cooking, talking, accessorising, it’s important to know when you’re

Postcard From Peru

I’ve been in Lima for about two weeks. This was my starting point for a bit of South American travel, but after I booked the flight my mother told me her friend’s friend’s friend’s son owns a restaurant here, and I might be able to do a little stage. I was most interested, but didn’t

Roman Holiday

I have never struggled to treat myself. This Christmas I got myself a slightly larger than usual present- four days in Rome, which had been on my list of places to visit for a long time. I had already been to Florence many years ago, which I loved. The only problem with Italy is I have